The Wafflemat is the most innovative – and, with over 6.5 million sq. ft. of residential living space poured since 1995 without one structural callback, the most proven – foundation forming system for low, moderate and highly-critical expansive soil conditions. It posses the greatest floor stiffness of any system, and is easily the most economical system in its class, with sufficient strength to resist differential swelling resulting from landscaping practices, surface drainage or flooding from any source. The Wafflemat does not require presoaking underlying soil pads, and there is no need for footings – meaning no earth spoils. And, since the Wafflemat slab is typically 12” above grade, it requires no gravel, sand or moisture barrier.

The Wafflemat comes in either 8½” or 12” high, 19 x 19” thermal-grade heat resistant waffle boxes. It holds a 5” – 6” monolithically-poured post tension or rebar re-enforced concrete slab (again, no footings are required). The Wafflemat sits on the ground like a raft, the waffle boxes allowing for expansive soil movement.

The Wafflemat is created by connecting the boxes, and evenly spacing them throughout the footprint area. The monolithic pour creates concrete beams running through the footprint and perimeter. The system can be installed easily by a local concrete provider, and offers extensive set-up time savings (typical installation: one day). In addition, the plumbing is brought up through the waffle boxes, and can be re-enforced with rebar.

The system reduces building cycle time, and provides an overall cost savings while greatly mitigating future warranty and litigation issues.

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